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Niveau A2 02 Sam geht einkaufen Subtitles Deutsch, English, Russian

This is the story of Sascha and Anna from Berlin. They have a neighbour, Nic, and a visitor, Sam, from America. The girls like Sam because he. And Nic likes Sam because he is rich. Sam loves living in Germany. Stand by for the next episode of EXTRA! 2. Sam goes shopping ‘Tall, slim. ‘A cool American.’ ‘Wow! Fantastic! A new boyfriend for you’ ‘Maybe, but not a word of this to Sascha.’ You can call me Chacha. Sam, you can call me Chacha. ‘I must go!’ ‘Until later! Kisses.’ SEND.

Is Sam still asleep Yup. Sam! Good morning! Wake up! Come on! Get out of bed! Cute! Good morning! Oh, good morning! What’s up Sam, I have a cold. Yes, me too! Oh, you have a cold! You have a cold. Yes, I have a cold. Yes, we have a cold. Oh, poor girls. Don’t give it to me. I love your pyjamas. Sam, could you excuse us for a moment Anna.bathroom. Quick! Ah, good morning! Good morning. Sam, is it fancy dress Fancy dress Yes! Hey Sam! Nice car, eh.

Hey. Yes, I have this car at home. What You have this car at home Yeah. Wow! Girls must love you! Girls No. Sam, mate, listen. Can I tell you something The car is cool, right You have to look cool too! I look cool. Sorry, er. No. You don’t look cool. But I can help you! Sam’s clothes are awful! They are really old fashioned! Hey, I’ll take him shopping! But Sascha, you’re so busy. I’ll take him shopping. It’s OK! I’ll take him shopping! No, I’ll take him shopping!.

I told you that I’m going to take him shopping. Sam, it must be obvious at a glance that you drive fast cars. Hi, girls. Oh, it’s you Nic. Hello, Nic. Sam asked me what he should wear. Yeah.right! No. No, Sam! Don’t listen to Nic! Listen to me! You need to wear. designer clothes. No, Sam! That’s not for you! You need a cowboy look. No, no! A leather jacket! A denim shirt. A bandana and a waistcoat. A fast engine. The cowboy look. Designer clothes. Girls!.

Bandana and a waistcoat. A denim shirt! A leather jacket. The trendy look. The cowboy look. A fast engine. Stop! OK! OK! I get the message. I will go shopping! On your own But you need us! What will you say I. We. It’s OK! Leave it to Nic! Don’t worry. So, we are in a shop. I sell, you buy. Huh I am the shopkeeper, you are the customer. The customer Customer. Oh, right. Great! Good morning. Good morning!.

Can I help you I. I would like a. I would like a jacket. Trousers! Huh I would like to buy a pair of trousers. I would like to buy a pair of trousers! Very good! And.a shirt. No, no! Shoes! You have to say, ”I would like to buy a pair of shoes.” Oh, shoes. I would like to buy a pair of shoes. And a sheep for my neck. No. You mean a scarf for my neck. This is a sheep. I said, ”I’d like a sheep for my neck!”.

Er, no. I said a sheep for my neck! Sam, come shopping with me. No, come with me. No, with me! He’s my penpal. So Hey, I’ve got an idea. We will go shopping. Me, you, and you will go shopping for Sam. A little bit each. I’ll sort out the shoes. OK, I’ll sort out the trousers. No, I’ll sort out the trousers. OK, I’ll sort out the top. And I’ll sort out the trousers. All right! Let’s go! Ah! We need eggs, apples, dog food!.

I’ll do it later, over the internet. Er, so. Eggs, apples, dog food Well done, Sam! Phew! Bye Sam! We’re off. And don’t let the Tarantula in. Best if you don’t answer the door. Cheers, big ears! Never mind. Ciao. Ciao. Mom, guess what They’re going to dress me like a German! Sister, darling, Sam’s clothes are so old fashioned! I love your pyjamas! But it’s OK, I’m going to take him shopping! He’s going to look really cool!.And Anna thinks Sam needs a ‘cowboy’ look. But I think he needs a leather jacket like me.

For the biker look! It’s called the bikertrendycowboylook, I think. I’m going to look so cool! Totally cool! Good morning. I would like a sheep for my neck. Eggs! I would like an egg for my neck. Room service! Room service! Room service. Hello! It’s the landlady. The Tarantula! House rules The Tarantula. No pets. No laundry on the radiators. No parties. No men to visit after 11pm. Hello Hello Is anyone there Is anyone home Hello, it’s the landlady. Hello, is anyone there Hello Hello! It’s the landlady! Hello Hello!.

Hello Hello Where is Sascha Where is Sascha Me! I am Sascha! Oh! Yes. Ich. Ich. Oh! You have a cold Yes, I have a cold! Louis Shh! Hello! A dog A dog No. No. Anna! It’s Anna! Anna also has.a cold. Oh.I’m sorry! Get well soon. Thank you! Well then, see you later! See you later. Bye. Louis, are you OK I am Sam. I speak German. Eggs. Apples. Dog food. Eggs, apples, dog food. Eggs.

Hello! Hi, Anna! Hello. Look, Sam. Here, I bought you this! Thank you! What is it Try it on! Try it on Yes.! Ah! Try it on. Thanks! Where’s Sam In the bathroom. Good. I’ll give this to him. No! I’ll give it to him. Don’t panic. Sam Yeah I’ve got something for you. Hang on! Come in! Sam Sam! Hello Here are your new clothes. You are going to look so cool! Cool. Yeah, totally. So many oranges I think Sam has been shopping on the internet.

But we don’t need oranges. Well, he did try. And he bought some eggs. Well.Sam isn’t stupid. How many eggs are there OK. Exactly how did Sam do the shopping on the internet Ah. What Sam bought ten kilograms of oranges instead of ten apples. What about the eggs OK.eggs. A dozen eggs is enough, isn’t it Sam entered 12 here. Well, he ordered twelve boxes of eggs! Hey Sweetie, that’s 144 eggs! OK, but where is the dog food Hey, I can’t wait! OK, I’m ready!.

All right, we can’t wait! Come in! Tada! So, how do I look I like the shirt! And I like the sarong. The shoes are really cool. So, do I look cool. No. I don’t look cool at all. Er. No. So, now I will go shopping! Here we go again! But Sam! You can’t go shopping on your own! You did the shopping on the internet. Yes! And you bought oranges instead of apples! Oh. But oranges are also OK, aren’t they Yeah, but ten kilograms of oranges is too much.

And too many eggs! Oh, right. Sam, have you ever been in a supermarket, my. And who’s that My. Your servants Your servants. I understand. And I went shopping today! Me! Yeah, I know. Hi Jo! We bought some new clothes for Sam today. And Sam did some shopping on the internet. He bought 144 eggs! And 10 kilograms of oranges instead of 10 apples. And you bought oranges instead of apples. But 10 kilograms of oranges is too much! How daft! A success Kind of.

Apart from getting oranges instead of apples and a few too many eggs. Anyway, Nic said it was an easy mistake to make. Sam! We have decided! Decided what We will teach you how to shop properly. Till you drop. Sascha and I are shopkeepers. And you are the customer. Uh, the customer, right. This I don’t want to miss. OK. Good morning. Good afternoon. Can I help you sir What would you like to buy I would like. I’d like.a. A shirt and a pair of trousers.

Yeah, I’d like to buy a shirt and a pair of trousers. I’d like to buy a shirt and a pair of trousers. What size What size Oh, I don’t know. Then we’ll have to measure you. Arms up, please. Arms up. Chest. Chest. 102 centimetres. 102 centimetres. Waist. Waist. 88 centimetres. 88 centimetres. And leg. I’ll do that! No, I’ll do it! That is men’s business! 94 centimetres! Do you like these trousers Do you like this shirt Yes. That’s 6,000 euros please.

OK. There you go. Honestly, Sam! 6,000 euros. That’s almost 6,000 dollars! Do you take credit cards Darling, that’s too much! That’s way too expensive! But not for Sam! All right, then. I am ready to go shopping! Good luck! Bye. Yeah, good luck. He’s going to need it. Where’s my hot lemon drink Nic! Easy, I’m coming. Nic, can you call my boss I’m still unwell. Nic, is there another box of tissues Yes. I feel awful. I can’t go to university tomorrow. And as for me, I feel even worse.

Nic.the door, please! What I’m doing my best! Hey, it’s Sam! So, is this cool. Wow! Mate, you look totally cool! I would like to buy a pair of trousers. The clothes are great! I would like to buy a shirt. Wow, you’re not stupid, Sam. Your German is good! And a pair of shoes. I have been shopping on my own! I’ll get it! Hello It’s the Tarantula! How my cold is How do you know I have a cold I have a cold. Silly me! I told you this morning!.

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