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The Best Way To Learn a Language in 3 Months Blueprint 12

Hi everyone, my name is Brian Kwong and This tutorial is about How to learn any language in 3 Months you can watch me implement this blueprint during my Learn German in 3 Months Challenge. So Why learn a new language Maybe you want to travel the world or move to a new country Or maybe you want to get lucky with an opposite sex who speaks a different language. I love you Julia. Can I rub my face in your boobs Learning a new language will open up a whole new world for us.

And there are many way to learn a new language, but here is the best way to learn a language in 3 months that I found. There are many ways to do this And I had broken it down into 3 simple parts Overall strategy Da GamePlan And The Resources you need to make this happen. You Ready Lets go. Part 1, the Overall strategy We gotta use the Right resources to do two things everyday Learn and Memorize phrases and words. Practice speaking the language with native speakers. Simple enough right.

Using the right resource will make it a lot easier and thats the key, we will cover that in a minute. Part 2, the Gameplan Milestone 1, The first thing we got to do is to practice speaking the language with a private tutor or native speaker who is willing spend time and break down the language with you. Having a 1 on 1 tutor is much better than learning in a class because it is very easy to be lazy and not be an active learner. The second thing we gotta do is to.

Learn and memorize 30 phrases and vocab everyday by using your memorization software. Why 30 because by the end the 90 days, we will have 3000 words under our belt, which means we will know approx 80 of most common words used in a language. That is why we are shooting for 30 per day. And the last thing is, we add words and phrases that we want to learn into our memorization software Milestone 2, Day 3160 This is when we can have basic conversations with people, so we gotta expose ourselves.

To the new language as much as possible. So we gotta go out there to find new language partners. And we got to start to build the habit of thinking in the new language. Thats milestone 2 Milestone 3 is when we go Yea, I think I am getting this! We gotta fine language partners and find new friends who can speak the language. And we can start watching TV, DVD or listen to radio Its ok if we dont understand in the beginning, because its harder to understand a movie compare.

To when we are having a conservation And thats the game plan. The Resource is really what make this whole thing click and it will save you a plenty time and make it a whole lot easier when you are implementing this. We need 4 Essential Tools The first one is a Grammar book use the Dover Essential Series, its easy and simple to use and its only 6 bucks on Amazon. 2 is the Phrase book, this is where we get the phrases in the beginning in our memorization software.

Any phrase will work and you can try the Lonely planet 3 you need an online dictionary 4 is the Memorization software Lets face it, memorizing things is a pain in the butt but it is 50 of the game and it will help you get what you learned into your long term memory. So having the most effective and easy to use memorization software is the key to this whole thing. If you have a PC, you can try Anki. If you have a Mac, you can try Genius, I tried it, it works like a charm for memorizing and it is really why i can see myself doing.

This challenge only after using this software. I love it so much, I am even developing an app call Genius for the iPad and iPhone, And thats all the tools that you need. Finally, lets talk about how to find private tutor and language partners because thats the other 50 of the game. Now for private tutor, you can try Craiglist to see how much it cost in your area. If you have a tight budget, you can try Edufire, but remember skip the group class. For Language partners You can try the mixxer.

Its a site that allows you to connect with language partners all over the world via skype. You can also try couchsurfing and the meetup So now thats the blueprint of How to learn any language in 3 Months. all we gotta to do is to make it happen! The cool thing is you can follow along while I am doing this challenge. So if you like this tutorial, like it, share it with your friends and subscribe to my challenge. If you want to beta test Genius when its ready on the iPad, you can sign up for free.

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