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Age, Occupation and Origin Learn German for Beginners Lesson 3

Hallo und willkommen zurck bei German for Beginners Deutsch fr Anfnger. In the last lesson we learned all about introductions in German, asking for someone’s name and saying goodbye. If you missed it, you might wanna check it out first. Otherwise let’s get going with German for Beginners Lesson 3. In this lesson you’ll learn how to ask for someone’s age, occuptation and origin in German, and of course respond to these questions as well. When you meet someone for the first time in Germany it is most likely they will ask you.

Where are you from Woher kommst du informal oder Woher kommen Sie formal You could respond Ich komme aus Amerika I come from America To ask And where are you from in return, you can say Und woher kommst du informal oder Und woher kommen Sie formal The person might then want to get to know you better by asking How old are you Wie alt bist du informal oder Wie alt sind Sie formal You could respond Ich bin fnfundzwanzig 25 Jahre alt I am 25 years old.

You could then ask And how old are you Und wie alt bist du informal oder Und wie alt sind Sie formal The response might simply be Ich bin fnfzig 50 If you want to learn the German language all the way, you also need to know about numbers in German. If you don’t Now that you know where they are from and how old they are you might ask What do you do for a living Was machst du beruflich informal oder Was machen Sie beruflich formal They might say.

Ich bin. ein Student a student ein Lehrer a teacher ein Koch a cook To ask this question in return you could simply ask And you Und du informal oder Und Sie formal Keep in mind that the difference between the informal and formal way of speaking is all about the way you say you. Therefore you only need to worry about it when this pops up in a sentence. And don’t worry if you get it wrong, they will appreciate the fact that you’re speaking in German anyway. You are still learning German,.

No one will expect you to get it right all the time! Now let’s have a look at an entire informal conversation using what you’ve learnt so far 1 Hallo! 2 Guten Tag! 1 Mein Name ist Jesse Pinkman. Wie ist dein Name 2 Ich heie Walter White. 1 Woher kommst du 2 Ich komme aus Amerika. Und du 1 Ich auch! me too 2 Wie alt bist du 1 Ich bin 25 Jahre alt. Und du 2 Ich bin 50 Jahre alt. 1 Was machst du beruflich 2 Ich bin ein Lehrer. Und was machst du beruflich 1 Ich bin ein Koch I’m a cook.

2 Freut mich dich kennenzulernen. 1 Freut mich auch! 2 Tschss! 1 Bis spter! Before we go let’s practice the pronunciation of the more difficult German words you’ve encountered in this lesson. Repeat after me kennenzulernen beruflich Amerika spter der Koch In the next lesson of German for Beginners we’ll talk about German numbers, how to pronounce them, how to count in German and what the differences to the English system are. If you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comments section below. If you found this tutorial helpful, please give it a thumbs up to let me know and subscribe.

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