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Hoi! If you followed my progress earlier this year improving my spoken German with the italki Language Challenge, then you may well have read that at the moment I’m currently, albeit very loosely and very slowly, working on getting a some kind of level in Dutch! Today I published a blog post explaining as to why I haven’t actually got very far yet with my Dutch. Boo! This sucks! The link to the blog post is in the description below. Number 1 I hadn’t set myself a specific target. And this is something that I never do when I start to learn a language. I’m really lazy.

With this and most of the time it’s because I pick up a book from a library sale and just start reading and then be like Oh ok, ok, so I’m picking this up now, let’s take this somewhere. So there’s no target when I start because I don’t know when I’m gonna start. But now, I’m ready to set myself a target in Dutch. I want my Dutch to improve, I want to be able to have a simple conversation and I want to be able to sort myself out if I get lost in the Netherlands or Flemish Belgium.

That’s it! That right there is my target. Woo hoo! I want to be able to have a simple conversation in Dutch and I want to not be a loser when I get lost. And I want to be able to do this by.let’s say the 4th of July. Not that I’m an American patriot or anything. You can probably tell from my accent I’m actually British, but hey, 4th July sounds good, I like it. Also, it’s the start of summer and it’s the time when I might possibly go to the Netherlands.

So who knows. Reason number 2 as to why I haven’t actually made any progress yet is because I haven’t put myself out there. Not in a kind of red lioght skirt up kind of way, more in a sense that I haven’t actually spoken Dutch for more than 15 minutes with someone who can understand me. So I’m putting myself out there right now! And I’m gonna speak Dutch unedited on camera for you today. And I pledge allegiance to you, dear viewer, that I will learn Dutch for 30 minutes per day.

And 1 hour of spoken italki lessons per week until the 4th July. I also pledge that I will upload an unedited clip of me speaking Dutch before the 4th July so hopefully you’ll be able to see a difference between today and then. Do you speak Dutch Is there something I should know Is there some tips that you have Anything! Please, let me know in the comments below. I’d love some help with this! Even if you don’t speak Dutch please subscribe to my channel for updates and weekly language tutorials.

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