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Hello everyone, my name is Amine, I am from Morocco and today I’m gonna make this tutorial to speak about one of my hobbies which is learning foreign languages Well, I’m starting now with English so I can make this tutorial available to everyone also, I’m gonna add subtitles so you can follow me in the other languages concerning English, well basically, I started learning English when I was in High school and, I remember at that time, I was subscribed in the American Center Language which was a good experience for me to learn the language, specially if you are a begginer.

I think that, it’s one of the best ways to learn a foreign language, in an old school way and because, you have a direct contact with native speakers from United States and also, I’ve been seeing lot of movies, series, and music in English I think that English is one of the most beautiful laguages ever, I love how it sounds, and also it’s really useful in every aspect of life it’s useful in the professional and personal part of life, so suggest to start speaking it as soon as you can, and to make the effort to learn it.

Thank you so much, and now I’m gonna speak in my native language, MoroccanDarija Hi Moroccans, I’m Amine from Meknes, I’ll speak a little bit Darija Darija is a close language to my heart, I learned it in Morocco like every Moroccan I think that we Moroccans need to give it more interest, and more importantly, prepare tools so, that people can lean it because there are so much people that want to lean it, but tools are so poor I think also, that it’s a hard language to learn, because it’s a language mix, and the pronunciation is difficult, that help to speak easily other languages.

Thanks a lot, now I’ll speak Arabic Assalam Alaykom wa rahmato alahi wa barakatoh peace be on you, and mercy from god I speak also Arabic, it’s a first language in Morocco, I learned it when I was in school It’s a difficult language to learn, but I now I’m so happy that I now it so I can speak it, listen to it and more importantly read it It’s a language that got a future, specially that it’s common language in all the Arab world and I think also that it’s a beautiful language.

Thank you Now I’m gonna speak French French for me is like a mother language, I’ve been al my life studying it, but I didn’t really had the chance to speak it till coming to France for my superior studies Here in Toulouse, was a real contact with people, and use the language in every aspect of life also, during my staying in France, I spent a really good time, specially that I’v been living in different part of the country Toulouse, Nice, Paris, and I think that every one of those places, is special, and got its own charm.

Toulouse for example was perfect for studies Nice, and all Paca region, is perfect for summer holidays and now in Paris, which a professional place, that allows us to learn, and never get bored About French, it’s a beautiful language, it’s one of my favourite choices to have deep discussions maybe cause of its rich vocabulary, that the way we chose words which is so accurate many thanks, and I suggest everyone to learn this beautiful language Now, I’ll speak a little bit spanish, I studied spanish in the school for 2 years.

But, at that time, I couldn’t speak the language and, when I stated working, I had two friends in the company from Spain and Bolivia and because we used to eat together, we spoke so much Spanish, which was a good way to discover the language a practice it I like a lot spanish, I visited once Spain in Barcelona region and I really want to visit south America to practice more I love also the Americalatina culture, and food from Spain Hello Everyone, I’m Amine from Morocco German is one of my favourite languages, I learned german alone in my house during 4 months, with my computer.

Books, lot of Audios and tutorials. I have also many friendly friends from Germany I think that my german is not that good, but I’m so happy, and I enjoy what I have, because I can converse with people, see movies and listen to music and also being able to discuss some subjects I’ve been once to germany, Frankfort and Wrzburg, and think that Wrzburg is a beautiful city thanks and good by Hello to everyone my name is Amine, my chinese name is anmingzhe and now I’ll speak a little chinese.

I leaned chinese in my house, alone without a teacher but I admit that it was really hard, however, I’ve been enjoying the process to learn chinese cause it was like a challenge for me I have lot of chinese friends, that help me with my chinese I like a lot chinese cuisine, really tasty I’ve never been to China but I hope to go in the near future thanks to everyone, babye Now, I’m gonna speak a little italian I learned italian at home during 3 months then I made a trip to Italy to practice more.

I visited many places in Italy Rome, Venise, Florence, Milano, Ventimilla, and San Remo I think that Itally is beautiful country, a facinating history, and tasty food now, I live in Paris, but I don’t have many friends from Italy to practice with, many thanks, and see soon I speak also a little Portuguese, I study Portugese here at home using lectures from Brazil and listen also to Lisboa Radio Portugal, and also, I enjoy listening to music from Angola and Portugal I’d love to visit Portugal and Brazil to speak more the language, now Here in Paris I have two friends from Portugal that help me.

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