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How to Make Hummus Crispy Pita Triangles Seasoning Pita Triangles for Hummus Spread

Hi my name is J and I’m talking to you guys on behalf of expertvillage today I’m going to be moving on with the hummus and I’m going to show you how to make the pita nice and crispy and very tasty. What I do first is I get some of my extra virgin olive oil and I kind of just go around it just like that and you can use a little bit of oil or you can use olive oil. They taste good to me so I use a lot and also make it nice and crispy.

You have to move that around with the spoon so it covers the whole entire pita now what I use is this Italian herb seasoning which have rosemary and basil and all different types of herbs this is made by McCormick there is different brands that have different type of Italian seasoning so feel free to either make you own or buy whatever brand you like. What I do with my seasoning I store them in the refrigerator because they would last a lot longer then the would if you keep them outside. Believe it or not seasoning has a.

Lifespan that is usually about 6 months when they go bad and you should usually buy more spice if you have not used it all by then. Now what I’m going to do I’m going to sprinkle all the way across just like that. Now that you have your beautiful pita nice and sprinkled what you want to do you want to slip it in your oven in 375 degrees for about 1520 minutes. I will probably check on it though if it is nice and crispy by 10 minutes depending on.

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