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My name is Steve Ford and today I have two great questions from Silvia living in the USA and Mateus from Argentina so let’s get started. First off, no one, including you Silvia should feel embarassed about having certain gaps in your English grammar. It happens! even if you are at an advanced level So Silvia, you have problems with this grammar topic and suprise, suprise, so do many of my students Now I am going to condense all of my teaching experience and give you some precious tips to know how to use either and neither.

When we agree with something that someone has said, we use neither, either or so. We could say When a person says something in the negative form the auxiliary is visible and it’s easy to find the cat and dog said, I DON’T enjoy going to the vet. So using either or neither is easy, remember that we use neither at the beginning and the auxiliary must match with the subject so Neither do I or I don’t either Neither does heshe or heshe doesn’t either So if you get stuck, as many English learners do, you need to change the sentence to a question to find the auxiliary.

This is the process, this is the secret I like action sports, now make it into a question, do I like action sports you found it, do Many people learning English get confused with certain verb tenses like first, turn it into a question to find the auxiliary then you have the auxiliary am Hello Mateus and Ola Argentina! I have made many tutorials talking about how native speakers of English link words together to talk fast now this all started exactly a year ago this month in Learn English Live 15.

I’m the first to admit that I had to wake up to the fact I was fat and stop eating so much, that’s it. two words, side by side and here is how I said them well getting back to my dieting from last year, diet’s, ya love’em or ya hate’em and let me tell you that last February I was not a happy camper I was not a happy person I literally had to put a lock on that fridge of ours to sop eating so much So here’s two more.

Then of course as if dieting wasn’t enough I was on an elliptical machine at least 5 times a week, no joke! I kept thinking next year, I’ll reach my goal of losing 30 pounds and my body kept saying to me feed me, could you give me some food last two Well everybody enough said about my dieting adventure I must say it’s nice to touch my toes and not feel like I am carrying a huge bag of potatoes around my waist I guess I should be off to the gym and I hope that my tips can bring you one step closer.

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