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Photo exhibition held on Japans past time atrocities

A special exhibition was held in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on Wednesday. to raise awareness of Japan’s wartime atrocities. Our Ji Myungkil was there and filed this report. No colors, no wordsjust blackandwhite photos that show the horrific scenes from Japan’s past invasions of Korea and China. Ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker Kim Euldong hosted a photo event Wednesday,. as a protest against Japan’s unapologetic attitude towards its past wrongdoings. We decided to hold this photo exhibition to let the world know about the atrocities Japan committed during World War II. We must never forget the cruelty and pain that our.

Ancestors had to endure due to the Japanese imperialists. The images are startling. Japanese soldiers mass murdering innnocent civilians during the Nanjing Massacre in China, simply to learn how it feels to kill on the battlefields. Women who were raped, brutally tortured, and eventually killed with sword bayonets. Japanese scientists conducting surgical procedures without anesthesia on prisoners of war after infecting them with various diseases. The photos depict the atrocities that were committed by Japanese soldiers during World War II. This exhibition will be recorded and uploaded onto YouTube in 10 different languages..

On the other side of the street,. two former Korean comfort women rallied along with their supporters to demand that the Japanese government apologize for victimizing them and tens of thousands of others. It’s really agonizing. We’ve been holding this rally every Wednesday for 20 years. and still, the Japanese government hasn’t made an apology or provided compensation. They think everything will be solved if they keep quiet. Historians say up to 2hundred thousand women. mostly from Korea but also from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan, were forced to serve as sex slaves in Japanese army brothels.

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