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Introduction Japanese Lesson 1

Konnichiwa! Let’s start today’s lesson. We are going to learning greetings. The first one is good morning , the casual one. Ohayou. It sounds like Ohio, right Okay, please repeat. Ohayou. The formal one is ohayou plus gozaimasu. Put together, it’s ohayou gozaimasu. Good afternoon is konnichiwa. Good evening is konbanwa. Goodbye, you may know this one, is sayounara. Good night is oyasumi nasai. Thank you, for the casual one, is arigatou. Then, do you remember this one The good morning casual one Hai, ohayou. How about the formal one Ohayou gozaimasu.

Then can you guess the formal one for thank you Arigatou gozaimasu. Excuse me, I’m sorry is sumimasen. The longest one, how do you do nice to meet you Hajimemashite, douzo yoroshiku. Let’s practice how do you do first. Hajimemashite. Nice to meet you is douzo yoroshiku. Put the three together, hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku. Okay, then let’s practice together. How about this one Konbanwa. Arigatou. How about the formal one Arigatou gozaimasu. Konnichiwa. Sumimasen. Oyasumi nasai. Sayounara. Konbanwa. Formal one, ohayou gozaimasu. Okay, the longest one. Hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku. Do you remember.

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