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Hello! How are you I’m good. It’s hot. It’s been a while. It’s not. We just talked last week. Is Nagoya hot Daytime is hot but night is cool. Good It’s autumn. It’s the same in Australia. Really You forgot to bring your shirt to your work. Yes, I did. You were wearing a jacket this morning. I forgot to wash it. So that’s why I wore a jacket for my work. This morning he was wearing a jacket. So I asked him why. And he said he forgot his shirt. Please stop!.

Today let’s talk about family. Sure. Your family is doing good Yes, they are. Do you have a sister Yes, I do. I have one sister. What’s her name Her name is Ayano. How’s she What do you mean She is fine. What is she doing She is using her pc. Oh, now She is using her pc across from me. What is she doing I don’t know. We are gonna go on a trip together. Ayano and I will go on a trip together. Sounds good. When Next month. Where is she going.

We will go together. To Canada Where in Japan. Inside of Japan Countryside North South Like Okanawa Nope, near Hiroshima. Sounds good. So when Next month gtFrom 13th next month. Good You already. You’ve already made plans Now we are doing it. My sister is doing it now. How are Victor and Tomoko I haven’t met Victor yet. He seems busy. How many weeks For about 2 weeks. He said he had a cold. Still I don’t know. Victor’s mom and younger sister will come to Japan this weekends. Could you please say that again.

Victor’s family will come to Japan. Oh, I see. Did he go back to America before Yes, maybe. He went back to America on summer vacation. I didn’t know because I was not in Japan then. How’s Victor Victor I don’t think so. Tomoko is fine. She may be going on a get ski tomorrow. Tomorrow Good! She is going on a jet ski. With you No,no. She is going with her cousin. Do you know the word Itoko Tomoko and her cousin are going on a jet ski. Sounds good.

What about Tomato’s daughter Her daughter I don’t know. Is she going to make a tutorial Maybe. Good. I’m excited to see it. I told Tomoko about backet list Really That’s good. How’s your parents They are pretty fine. My mother is. this year Beginning of this year So every week 5 days a week, She plays golf. She plays golf 5 times a week. Almost everyday. She is in Gold Coast now. Have you ever been to Noosa Did we I forgot. What’s there in Noosa Did I go there Are there any cafes.

Yeah, but I don’t remember the name. I don’t think I went there. I wanna go there. So today I also wanted to go there but I was too busy. With your work How many jobs do you have Today I have 2 jobs. What kind of job Both of them Same job but different company. Same job but different company. How’s your work Are you doing busy My job is fun. I love my work. It’s not like work. Easy. It’s not like work. Good. How’s your mother My mother.

I guess she is fine. She is okay. I mean Victor’s son. How’s Victor’s son Victor’s son Vicotor’s child I haven’t met him. Akachan is probably from 0 to 2 years old. He is 1 year old now I mean, Victor’s child Not yet. So is he still a baby How’s Victor’s baby I guess so. I haven’t met him. As I’ve seen on YouTube, he seems fine. Akachan is 0 to 2 years old. So in 6 months I will be in Japan. Good! I’m so excited! You’ll be able to see everyone.

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